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 Site Gfx Needed

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Site Gfx Needed Empty
PostSubject: Site Gfx Needed   Site Gfx Needed EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 7:28 am

Hey guys i need some new site gfx done and they are:

  • New Posts icon
    EG for New posts icon
    Site Gfx Needed I_folder_new_big
    Site Gfx Needed I_folder_new_big
  • No New Posts icon
    EG for No new posts icon
    Site Gfx Needed I_folder_big
    Site Gfx Needed I_folder_big
  • Forum is locked icon
    Eg for Forum is locked icon
    Site Gfx Needed I_folder_locked_big
    Site Gfx Needed I_folder_locked_big
  • Site nav bar (will have to be individual images not one whole bar please)
    EG for Nav Bar
    Site Gfx Needed I_icon_mini_indexSite Gfx Needed I_icon_mini_faqSite Gfx Needed I_icon_mini_searchSite Gfx Needed I_icon_mini_registerSite Gfx Needed I_icon_mini_membersSite Gfx Needed I_icon_mini_groupsSite Gfx Needed I_icon_mini_login
  • Site background
  • New Thread
  • Post Reply
  • Favicon
  • Forum Banner
    EG for a Forum banner
    Site Gfx Needed I_logo

I like Glass, Glossy or anything abstract looking.
If there are any questions feel free to ask.
(If i like them and use them you will be part of the GFX CREW)


Site Gfx Needed Ban9
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Site Gfx Needed
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